Charity Admin

Simple Reason’s mission is to help the most vulnerable communities around the world. Our vision and actions are inspired by the Islamic faith, which preaches us to help our brothers & sisters in need. However, to make sure we deliver adequate and timely aid, our team requires running costs which are essential for us to stay on the ground.

BASB Complex

Many Muslims living in Sylhet lack adequate spaces to offer prayers and gather with their community members. The only spaces available are open and temporary, with no proper facilities to pray in peace. Moreover, the women face the challenge of breaking their parda (veil) due to a lack of private prayer spaces

Tree Plantation

Simple Reason has made it a mission to plant as many trees in these countries to fight climate change. Each tree planted in these countries will help provide clean air and prevent droughts and floods.

Masjid Appeal

Masjid is the house of Allah, which provides space for Muslims to offer prayers and promotes brotherhood and equality when they gather with their fellow brothers. By funding towards building a mosque, you ensure that your brothers & sisters from the displaced and impoverished communities have a chance to worship and learn about Islamic teachings.

Circumcision Clinic

Circumcision is a vital surgical procedure that many poor and displaced families cannot afford for their newborns. The lack of resources and livelihood makes it challenging for parents to seek this procedure for their children.

Street Children

Simple Reason’s Street Child project is aimed at targetting children from the most struggling communities around the world. We work towards providing adequate resources and necessities at an early age to make sure these children have enough to survive and stay healthy.

Mosquito Nets

Malaria is a life-threatening disease for people living in overcrowded slums and refugee camps where the disease outbreak occurs due to seasonal epidemics. According to WHO, about 241 million cases of malaria were reported worldwide in 2020, which was 15 times more than in the last two decades.