Winter Emergency

Mission to provide mosquito nets

Every winter, millions of displaced, homeless, and refugees fight for their survival in freezing temperatures. Without access to basic necessities, they struggle to stay warm and protect their children from life-threatening diseases. Your generosity plays a pivotal role in saving lives by giving them the warmth and protection they need.

Winter is a Fight for Survival for Millions Around the Globe

As temperatures drop, families fighting poverty and displacement will face the challenge of surviving this cold winter far from home.

The rising costs of essential commodities like food and fuel make winter hard to cope with for people forced to flee their homes or those stuck in a never-ending cycle of poverty. Adding to this threat is the exposure to cold-related diseases that take a toll on the lives of children and the elderly.

This winter, Simple Reason aims to bring relief to thousands of vulnerable people struggling with the harsh weather in Pakistan and Bangladesh. We will distribute life-saving aid like food, fuel, heating, warm clothing, and shelter to help families survive winter.

This Winter, Help Simple Reason Save Lives

Simple Reason relies on your generosity to provide warmth and protection to as many people as possible. It’s a crucial time for thousands of people who look up to you to save their children’s lives.

Please donate to our Winter Emergency Appeal and share some warmth. Donate Now

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